cilio - pepper and salt mills "Roma"

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cilio - pepper and salt mills "Roma" -  Are equipped with the unique extremely sharp cilio ceramic grinder. Different Sizes available

cilio - pepper and salt mills "Roma"

For professional chefs and foodies fresh ground pepper is a must. Why must the pepper be ground fresh? The answer lies in the nature of the peppercorn. Peppercorns include essential oils. Once the pepper corns are ground the oils are released and the pepper develops a more intense taste. The essential oils are the reason for unmistakable, full pepper flavor. These essential oils are quite volatile and disappear shortly after the pepper has been ground and stocked. The cilio peppermill brings out the perfect, unmistakable flavor one can only receive from fresh ground pepper. The full spectrum of pepper flavor comes out at the perfect time and is not lost to early.

Cilio mills not only use a perfect adjustable grinding mechanism, they are also an eye-catcher on every table. Truly a quality product, produced from the best materials. Cilio peppermills are available in lacquered wood, stainless steel or high quality acrylic as well as a number of any designs to fit any kitchen. The mills are durable and easy to clean. Give an individual look to your kitchen and your table. For each pepper mill, a matching salt mill is also available.

  • 25-year guarantee on the grinder
  • Are equipped with the unique extremely sharp cilio ceramic grinder
  • This offers many advantages:
    - extra hard high-performance ceramics guarantee long durability and high grinding comfort
    - the individual selected freeness is maintained until a new setting is reached
    - also suitable for dried spices
  • Maron stained
  • KurzKurz Design



Since its founding in 1993 in Solingen cilio attached great importance to combine fine materials, craftsmanship and industrially excellent workmanship with perfect utility value. This philosophy runs through all areas and subjects, which now includes more than just the dinner table. The continuous development of the collection and incorporation of successful product ranges have helped that the cilio brand has established itself in a short time on the market.